Mar 18, 2011

Bliss Couture Annastar Gown

Some things can make you feel special and one of this is wearing a Bliss Couture Gown.

Annastar, the new creation of the luxury label, makes you feel in love with lace again. One of the Bliss Couture's favourite material is again the inspiration for a new design, worn here by Kay Fairey, the beautiful mannequin crowned Miss Bliss Couture 2011, that is a breathtaking look for an elegant gala, a ballroom evening or an important date.

Tiers of the sensual see-through textile for the ruffled full lenght gown, that perfectly matches the tight strapless bodice entirely in lace with just a plain band on the top and the middle. A one shoulder fur stole and gloves complete this ensemble of unique charme and refinement.

Annastar is now available in a delicate colour palette of ice blue, pink, nude, pearl and lilac beside the timeless black, and you can find it at the Bliss Couture's flagship store.

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous dress!! Hi i m Mik. I was wondering if u can make a dress for imvu too? I m particularly interested with this dress -> Please leave me a note? thank u so much.