Jun 3, 2009

Ribinna dress

Ribinna Ad (Fuchsia)
If a fun, sassy, modern looking dress is what you are looking for, then this is the one for you. With a strapless bodice with a heartshaped bustline shapes while it hugs down your curves. A full flirty skirt flairs from your hips and makes dancing the night away like an art in this pop modern design with a beautiful floral pattern spattered through out the dress. This sassy little dress comes in Fuschia, blue, green, orange, pink, yellow and white.
Ribinna Ad (Green) Ribinna Ad (Blue) Ribinna Ad (Orange) Ribinna Ad (Pink) Ribinna Ad (Yellow) Ribinna Ad (White)

Penny dress

Penny Ad (Green)
And yet another perfect little summer dress that will fit any afternoon or evening occasion. The strapless corset top shapes your torso and enhances your bustline. A full above the knee skirt gives it a very flirtacious look. A perfect dress for an afternoon of shopping or and evening out to a romantic dinner. This adorable little dress comes in several colors which include...blue, gold, green, purple, black and red.
Penny Ad (Red) Penny Ad (Black) Penny Ad (Purple) Penny Ad (Gold) Penny Ad (Blue)

Nardia dress

Nardia Ad
This floral dress is picture perfect for that afternoon rendevous where you want to get some attention. The white chiffon dress has a lovely brightly colored floral pattern that reminds you of a spring garden. A the black belt is the perfect contrast and cinches and shows off your tiny waist. This is a must have for your summer wardrobe.

Vinilli dress

Vinilli Ad (Blue)
Rumbaaaa!!! This festive gown will instantly put you in a mood for some sexy salsa dancing or a firery tango. The top is strapless and shows off your sexy midrif and has a flirty little ruffle right under your bustline. A flowing ruffled skirt with a raised hem in the front is the perfect mate for this gorgeous gown. With layers of satin material overlapping the other, this gown will catch the light and everyones attention while you dance the night away. The Vinilli Gown comes in several beautiful colors which include....black, blue, green, purple, silver, teal, and maroon.
Vinilli Ad (Silver) Vinilli Ad (Purple) Vinilli Ad (Original) Vinilli Ad (Maroon) Vinilli Ad (Green)

Tata dress

Tata Ad (Gold)
This sophisticated dress has all the same sexy qualities we`ve all come to love from Bliss Couture. The top is backless which is signature with Bliss Couture, the front has a nice V neckline trimmed with a lace embroiderary. Long sleeves ending with a large ruffle cuff give it a romantic appeal. A ruffled V cut skirt with high slit sides match the ruffled cuffs and add a touch of sex appeal yet keeps the look classy as well. This new design comes in teal, chocolate, silver gold, and purple.
Tata Ad (Teal) Tata Ad (Chocolate) Tata Ad (Silver) Tata Ad (Purple)

Nora dress

Nora Ad (Gold)
Here`s a perfect little dress for that night time summer fun. A halter style top with squenced chest straps and a bunched sheer waist enhance your bustline while showing off your sexy shoulders. A flirty multi tiered ruffle skirt moves playfully while you dance the night away. The lights will make you a shimmering vision of fun in this new dress by Bliss Couture.
Nora Ad (Blue) Nora Ad (Grape) Nora Ad (Red) Nora Ad (Teal)Nora Ad (Black)