Feb 28, 2010

Fallin' into Bliss Fashion Show

The Fallin' into Bliss Fashion Show, held with the great support and collaboration of Virtual Impressions, at Gown sim on Saturday and Sunday february 13th and 14th.

A Special Valentine's Event to show some of the most beautiful Bliss Couture's evening gowns and new releases worn with the stunning jewels of Virtual Impressions by Melanie Sautereau, Mimmi Boa, Emeraldeyes Honi, Dahlia Joubert, Preciouss Metall and Jillian Convair.

Mimmi Boa wears the MVW Gown

Melanie Sautereau, Miss Bliss 2010, wears the Elissana Gown

Mimmi Boa models the Sterling Gown

Jillian Convair wears the Valarie Gown

Emeraldeyes Honi wears the Violet Gown

Dahlia Joubert models the Queen Gown

Preciouss Metall models the Lexie Gown

Melanie Sautereau, Miss Bliss Couture 2010, wears the Kristen Gown

Jillian Convair wears the Kendra Gown

Preciouss Metall wears the Fantasy Gown

Dahlia Joubert wears the Avery Gown

Emeraldeyes Honi wears the Allura Gown

Bliss Couture Taylor Gown

Smothered in silk gown for a diva style comes in the softest pastel shades of purple, red, black, white, blue and forrest. Intricately embellished with delicate embroidery flowers cascading down a waterfall of transparent fabric, as a feminine bodice with a plunging neckline made even more precious by the lace.
The beautiful cuts on the shoulders and the breast, the soft movement of the high waist line skirt, the elegant scarf on the back
wrap the silhouette before unravelling into flower petals.

The Taylor Gown is the last release of Bliss Couture and you can admire it in all the amazing six colours here.

Feb 25, 2010

Bliss Couture's Doll of the Month

Bliss Couture
Members Appreciation Program

Bliss Couture would like to thank all the marvellous ladies for their great support and contribution to make the brand grow up with a very special award.

Miss Amutey DeCuir will give every month to a new creation the beauty and style of one of the Bliss Couture Update Group's Members.

Be the Bliss Couture's Doll of the Month! Give your name to the next dream outfit of one of the most famous SL fashion brands, wear an exclusive set of stunning new releases not yet in the shop and model it with your all your charm in a fantastic photo in the Bliss Couture's blog.

You just have to join the Bliss Couture Update Group and have Bliss Couture set under Picks in your profile to win. One lucky model or elegant lady will be selected as Bliss Couture Doll every month, starting from march, and all the others will receive as a gift a Special Edition of the Eve Gown. Good luck!


1_Join the Bliss Couture In-world Group.

2_You must have *Bliss Couture* set under Picks in your profile (Edit - Profile - Picks and then click 'New' when you are in the Bliss Couture main shop).

3_All the members of the Bliss Couture In-world Group that will also add Bliss Couture in their Picks will recieve a Special Edition of the Eve Gown in blue and purple as a gift.

4_Every month one lucky lady will be selected to be the Bliss Couture Doll of the Month.
She will be awarded with the full pack of a new creation (formal or casual outfit) not released yet and called with her name. She will also model, wearing the new outfit, in a photo posted in the Bliss Couture's blog (http://bliss-couture.blogspot.com/).

5_The winner and all the related notices will be announced every month only in Bliss Couture Update Group.

For any questions you can contact Queen Watanabe, Bliss Couture CMO.

Amutey DeCuir, Bliss Couture CEO
& Bliss Couture Managment Team

Bliss Couture Erin Dress

Perfect combination of charme, elegance, romance and style for the Erin Dress, the newest release from Bliss Couture.

An alluring and definitively feminine under knee length silk dress featuring a high waist skirt enriched by a white shaded floral print on the bottom. The beautiful double layer shape of the skirt comes with a strapless top bodice and a romantic bow matching with the tone of the print.

The Erin Dress has been released in a palette of six amazing colours at Bliss Couture.

Feb 22, 2010

Bliss Couture Sadie Gown

A pure and elegant shape for the new Bliss Couture's signature gown, bunched and ephemeral at the bodice and the hips, then wide and twisted to create a sassy and glamorous style.

The sensual sheer top comes with a bow morphed into origami folds and the long sumptuous skirt, in a entirely embroidered precious textile.

The Sadie Gown is now available in a marvellous palette of six colours, ruby, olive, midnight, purple, black and gold at Bliss Couture.

Feb 21, 2010

Bliss Couture Kim Dress

Spring look for the refined and fresh Bliss Couture's new creation. The Kim Dress is a flawlessly chic new release to be simply perfect in every moment of the day.

Style at its purest for the bodice drawn by the light line in a contrasting colour on the top and the high waist line skirt, enriched by the delicate tone sur tone motif on border.

A must have in the wardrobe in all the six glamorous options, burgundy, black, gold, beige, white and blue, available at Bliss Couture.

Feb 16, 2010

Bliss Couture Lavina Gown

Bliss Couture never stops surprising the fashion lovers and it's doing it again with the delightful Lavina Gown.
An amazing, light and glamorous touch of colour for this new release, avaliable in 6 options at Bliss Couture main shop.

Feb 15, 2010

Bliss Couture Aziza Gown

A ray of of light, colour and charm for the New Bliss Couture full-length gown which is already a must, a dress for starry galas and fashion lovers.
This new release plays with intricate lace and is a full-on, romantic, ravishing display of what Miss Amutey DeCuis does so well, stunningly beautiful, feminine evening couture pieces.

Precious details in the mermaid skirt made of a high detailed lace and ending with the sensual soft devoré attachment in a different colour, matching with the neckline ruffles and the tight and top bodice's particulars.

A new creation that will never stop surprising for the sense of feminine style and fashion, and made to give the superstar glam.

The Aziza Gown is avaliable in many amazing colours at Bliss Couture Main Shop, come admire them!

Feb 13, 2010

Bliss Couture Valentine's New Limited Editions

Bliss Couture has just released 3 new Limited Editions for the most romantic time of the year.

The Melrose, Avery and Tyra, three of the most famous and seducing Bliss Couture's gowns has been created in a exclusive version inspired to the couture's favourite colour and the lover's one.

You can admire them at Bliss Couture Main Shop only for a short time....just 30 of them are out...

Feb 12, 2010

Bliss Couture Valentine's Limited Editions

Be the one with the three Bliss Couture Valentine's Limited Editions.

A passionate, romantic and seducing palette of colours celebrates the time of love and underlines the Bliss Couture promise to make irresistible beings of the women who choose its designs for their high profile appearances.

The beauty and charme extends beyond the infinite tones of red to incredible, luxury fabrics that are precious in their delicacy and further proof of the Bliss Couture's continue research about style.

The Violet, Gabriella and Elissana Gowns have been released in a Limited Edition and in a very elegant and exclusive version for the most romantic time of the year, and you can admire them at Bliss Couture Main Shop.