Dec 29, 2009

Bliss Couture 60% off Holiday ending on december 31st

Only three days left for the Bliss Couture Holiday Sale, ending on december 31st. A wonderful chance to buy your favourite gowns and all the stunning creations of Miss Amutey DeCuir with an incredible discount, 60% OFF!
Run to the Bliss Couture main shop!

Dec 27, 2009

Bliss Couture Avery Gown

The new stunning gown for the most fashion New Years Eve. Hand painted texture for the semi-transparent bodice and the incredible skirt. A very special outfit that comes in six marvellous colours: purple, red, gold, blue, teal and black.
You can admire the Avery Gown at the Bliss Couture main shop

Dec 26, 2009

Bliss Couture Snowflakes Glitter Bolero

The new bolero from Bliss Couture in a very exclusive and luxurious holiday glam theme! The new creation that you must have in your wardrobe to dazzle during all the parties of this end of the year! A warm and soft new fur made of a special snowflakes texture with a glittering effect to be the star of every event!
It's been just released at the Bliss Couture main shop in six fantastic colours: black, blue, gold, pink, green and snowy... so hard to choose!

Dec 24, 2009

Bliss Couture Mrs Santa

Miss Amutey DeCuir created the most glamorous Santa outfit for the Bliss Couture Dolls. A sequin red dress with a soft white fur on the skirt and the top of the bodice to dazzle during the Xmas parties. The amazing Mrs Santa dress has just been released and its available at the Bliss Couture main shop!
Merry Christmas from Bliss Couture!

Dec 23, 2009

Bliss Couture Momo Fur Boots

Finally the amazing Bliss Couture's Momo Boots, warm and softly covered with fur are available at the main shop! You can choose your favourite one between six great options or have them all for the perfect glamour touch to every winter outfit.

Dec 22, 2009

Bliss Couture for the !"So 2010"! Secret 50L sale

Bliss Couture is proud to be one of the designers of the !"So 2010"! Secret 50L sale.
!So 2010! isnt a hunt or 50L sale its a tribute to all the 35 SL designers who decided to be part of this event by coming together and celebrating the entrance to the next decade of 21th century and treat their costumers with their store inventory random pieces scattered around the store for 50L which You have to find Yourself.
The Event will be on until december the 27th so you have 6 days left to find the great items on sale for only 50L at the Bliss Couture main shop and at the many fantastic shops partecipating all around the grid.

You can find the details of the !"So 2010"! Secret 50L sale here

Dec 21, 2009

Bliss Couture Gabriella Gown

Spend your holiday time in style with the most glamorous gown for this season. The Gabriella gown is the last marvellous creation of Miss Amutey DeCuir, talented designer of Bliss Couture. Old fashioned heritage with a modern touch for this precious gown that comes with a strapless bodice and a fantastic skirt enriched by a train. The high detailed and rich texture of the fabric, the soft movement of the long skirt, the top bodice and hat's white fur make this gown unique, luxurious and chic.
The Gabriella Gown is available in six stunning versions: snow, vintage, red, teal, gold and black.

You can admire it at the Bliss Couture main store

Dec 20, 2009

Bliss Couture Fur Cape

The ideal accessory to wear with every outfit, formal or casual, to keep you warm in the most fashionable way in the cold december days. A coloured wool knit with a soft and chic white fur just released in six tones: red, blue, gold, grey, magenta and forrest, a must to have in every wardrobe.

Here the taxy for the Bliss Couture main store:

Dec 19, 2009

Bliss Couture Melinda Dress

You need to dazzle! The Melinda Dress is the new amazing sequin dress with a vintage accent perfect for a cocktail, a dance party or simply to feel special during every day of this holiday time. It comes in six stunning options: gold, silver, black, pink, forrest and blue. A not to be missed outfit perfect in every colour.

You can admire it at Bliss Couture's main shop

Dec 18, 2009

Bliss Couture Fantasy Gown

A precious, stylish, luxurious and feminine gown to be the star of every New Years Eve's event. A long skirt tight on the hips and a soft mermaid train with a sexy and classy bodice highlight the silhouette. It comes in a wonderful shining silk enriched by lace on the skirt, the hips and the breast. The gown is completed by a rich and unique lace stole in white. Available in six glamorous colours: black, red, pink, blue, purple and gold.

Here the limousine for the main shop

Dec 17, 2009

Bliss Couture Holiday Hunt

The Holiday Hunt has started at Bliss Couture main store! Find the 10 wool red and green xmas stockings and you will find items from Bliss Couture, Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry, Virtual Impressions and Vogue. With all of these stores involved the hunt prizes are bound to be exquisite so participating in this hunt is a must for all fashion and jewelry lovers.
Some of them are already in the sim and more will be added in the next days until january the 1st, when the hunt will end, so stay tuned with our group notices to be informed about the new gifts and hints!
Happy Hunt!

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Dec 16, 2009

Holiday Ball Gown Free Gift (Members Only)

A new amazing gift is available at Bliss Couture's main shop! A stunning sequin ball gown in pink to be special during the holiday time! Just wear your Bliss Couture group tag, one click and enjoy this fabulous creation.
Happy holidays from Miss DeCuir to all the marvellous Bliss Dolls!

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Dec 12, 2009

Bliss Couture 60% OFF Holiday Sale Starts TODAY!!

Bliss Couture is having a 60% Off Sale on Alllllll Clothings (all Transferable), so u'd know what to buy for ur BFF :D

Most Gowns are 299L or Under
Dresses  99L

Am sure it isnt something You wanna miss!!!!

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Dec 8, 2009

Bliss Couture Toutou set

toutou ad
The new casual of the week at Bliss Couture is this very posh Toutou pant with the Lila jacket. This fabulous look will have you showing up in style and gracing all the best dressed lists this season. High waisted pants with this plush jacket comes in 6 colors and will quickly become your favorite look to step out in.
toutou ad

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Dec 7, 2009

Bliss Couture Free Crazy Hair

Free Hair
Once again...Bliss Couture has made another color of the free crazy hair. This month...long, luxurious, wavey locks of jet black strands of silk will have you looking lovely from head to toe. Stop by the mainstore and grab your Free Crazy Hair before it`s to late.

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