Oct 31, 2009

Bliss Couture Pleasure Gown

Pleasure Ad (Teal)
This gorgeous new release by Bliss Couture is ideal for a night out...dancing til the sun comes up. A sexy salsa, a spicey tango...this gown will have all eyes on you alnight long. Beautiful colors, amazing patterns and alluring design make this gown a must have. The top has a unique cutout mid-torso as well as an open back. The skirt is full with several layers that move fantastically around your lower body while you samba throughout the night. A large bow accessory has been added to the lower back for a perfect flirtacious look. This sexy new design comes in several colors which include...teal, coffee, gold rush, cotton candy, wild berry and snow.


Pleasure Ad (Coffee) Pleasure Ad (Gold Rush) Pleasure Ad (Cotton Candy) Pleasure Ad (Wild Berry) Pleasure Ad (Snow)

Oct 29, 2009

Bliss Couture Queen Gown

Queen Ad (Ocean)
Here`s a fabulous new gown just intime for fall. A plunging neckline trimmed in a luxurious fur gives this new gown a perfect look for the season. An open back keeps this look very sexy and alluring. As the gown smooths down your body, the shimmering pattern changes shades giving you several colors to accessorize with. The mermaid flair, also made of the same fur the collar is trimmed in, ads balance to the gown making this new design in any of the beautiful colors a must have.

Queen Ad (Deep Purple) Queen Ad (Pink) Queen Ad (Blue) Queen Ad (Melon) Queen Ad (Snow)

Oct 28, 2009

Bliss Couture Limited Editions

Just intime for Halloween, a new festive color in three of the most fabulous gowns in Second Life.

Lovena Ad (Limited Edition)
For that big Halloween bash where you want to shimmer and shine, the new limited Lovena Gown is a perfect choice. The lights will dance on you from head to toe in this fabulous sequence gown. A plunging neckline keeps the sex appeal while the flowering skirt cascades beautifully down, glimmering all through the night.

Tina Ad (Limited Edition)
If a night of romance is planned this Halloween, the new limited Tina Dress will definately set the mood. This alluring dress has a sheer upperbody with strategically placed embroidery that barely covers your intimate parts. The flowing side split skirt shows just enough to keep them wanting more. Delicate arm ruffles add a touch of elegance to the cuffs.

Izzie Ad (Limited Edition)
For a more formal event, the Izzie Gown in this new holiday color is just what the red carpet ordered. The beautiful strapless bodice gives this a very classy appeal while the full bell skirt flows gracefully around your lower body. An under layer of black lace is the ideal match to give this gown a festive accent color perfect for adding a lil witches hat to be the best dressed good witch ever.
Get one of these fabulous designs while they last. HAPPY HALLOWEEN DOLLS!


Oct 27, 2009

Bliss Couture Joana Dress

Joana Ad (Maroon)
This new design is as sexy as it is flirtacious. Beautiful patterns in vibrant colors perfect for fall make this a soon to be favorite. Thin straps show off the remaining bit of summer sun you have while a deev neckline keeps the sex appeal of the dress. A full, multi layered skirt flounces beautifully around your lower body while dancing the night away. This gorgeous new dress comes in several fabulous colors including...maroon, marine, purple,vintage, green and autumn.


Joana Ad (Marine) Joana Ad (Purple) Joana Ad (Vintage) Joana Ad (Green) Joana Ad (Autumn)

Oct 26, 2009

Bliss Couture Ophelia Jacket

Ophelia Mink Ad (Bronze)
Just intime for those bulstering cold winds...Bliss Couture keeps you warm and styling. These trendy new fur jackets are just what you`ll want to be wearing to look fabulous and stay warm all winter long. Lush, luxurious and so sexy...this midrif showing jacket will make those ski trips more like a fashion show with all these fabulous fur colors including...bronze, pink, blue, white, midnight and black.
Taxi to Bliss Couture Mainstore : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gown/145/139/282
Ophelia Mink Ad (Pink) Ophelia Mink Ad (Blue) Ophelia Mink Ad (White) Ophelia Ad (Midnight) Ophelia Fur Ad

Oct 24, 2009

Bliss Couture Ruby Gown

Ruby Ad (Fall)
What a beautiful way to bring in the fall season than stepping out in this glorious gown by Bliss Couture. The bodice has a luxurious silk trim that overlays a delicate mesh panel of intricate detail. The skirt is compiled of the same mesh material in multiple layers and all in the first beautiful colors of fall. This amazing new design by Bliss Couture comes in several colors including....fall, green, blue, pink, red and purple.
Taxi to Bliss Couture Mainstore : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gown/145/139/282
Ruby Ad (Green) Ruby Ad (Blue) Ruby Ad (Pink) Ruby Ad (Red) Ruby Ad (Purple)

Oct 23, 2009

Bliss Couture Frolic Gown

Bellini Ad (Lime)
Named for the first, original Diva...this fabulous gown will demand attention whenever you sashay in wearing it. The body of the gown is dripping with sequence for that extra sparkle as the lights dance around you. A single shoulder strap is decorated with a beautiful flower for an extra special accessory. The skirt, made of a sheer material in the front to show those long legs off, has a full exsquisite multi layered skirt on the back that will have you gracing every best dressed list across the grid. The Frolic gown comes in several beautiful colors that include....lime, blue, ruby, purple, teal and black.
Bellini Ad (Blue) Bellini Ad (Ruby) Bellini Ad (Purple) Bellini Ad (Teal) Bellini Ad (Black)
Taxi to Bliss Couture Mainstore : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gown/145/139/282

Oct 22, 2009

Bliss Couture Ashley Dress

Ashley Ad (Pink)
This dreamy summertime dress is a perfect choice for an afternoon garden party or a romantic evening out dining and dancing. A halter bodice shows off your sexy shoulders while the free flowing sheer skirt make this alluring enough to get the attention you crave. A dainty floral pattern will make you a garden beauty in any crowd. This lovely dress comes in several beautiful colors including....pink, lime, purple, green and red.
Taxi to Bliss Couture Mainstore : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gown/145/139/282
Ashley Ad (Lime) Ashley Ad (Purple) Ashley Ad (Green) Ashley Ad (Red)

Amutey's art, VAIN Inc Magazine 26, october

The refined formal aesthetic research of Amutey DeCuir,
designer of Bliss Couture and the connection between
fashion and the visual arts.
Sculptural dresses and textures as paintings.

1, 2 Sonja Gown, Chanel, by Bliss Couture

3 Jessie Gown, Chanel, by Bliss Couture; Cana pale 1 skin by LionSkins; FTN683 hair chocolate by booN

4 Avery Gown, teal, by Bliss Couture; LondonSunKissed 2b skin by LeLutka; Volcano hair 21 by Laqroki



Oct 10, 2009

Bliss Couture Halloween Group Gift

Halloween Group Gift Ad
Sure signs that fall is upon us is those warm plaids that incoorperates seasonal colors with a timeless classic pattern. The strapless bodice keeps the look fun and flirtacious while the sculpted bubble skirt makes it super sassy. You`ll be ready for an afternoon hayride on one of those finale warm days before autumn sets in and begins turning to winter.

Taxi to Bliss Couture Mainstore : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gown/145/139/282

Oct 5, 2009

Bliss Couture Paige Gown

Paige Ad (Bronze)
Oh la la. This fabulous gown by Bliss Couture is spectacular in all ways possible. A strapless babydoll style top, complete with a skirt that bells right under the bustline, begins this glorious new design. The delicate trim detail around the chest gives it a very romantic appeal. A beautiful floor length skirt cascades gracefully to the floor and completes this amazing new design. This gown comes in several must have colors....bronze, blue, plum, emerald and dark orchild.

Taxi to Bliss Couture Mainstore : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gown/145/139/282
Paige Ad (Steel Blue) Paige Ad (Plum) Paige Ad (Emerald) Paige Ad (Dark Orchild)