Apr 28, 2010

Bliss Couture Franie Wedding Gown

The Franie Wedding Gown is a dazzling piece of elegance: a white pure silk bodice with straps is tightened around the waist and ends on the hips, where a mermaid skirt starts, widening at the bottom, where a triumph of silk accompanies the gentle moves of the bride, until the embroideried / semitransparent borders that make this outfit one of a kind.
You can choose to wear the veil, simple and elegant as it is, or a headpiece, a delicious white silk flower that accessorizes the outfit magnificently.
It can also be matched with some back shoulder pieces, in the same fabric of the veil, not to lose the classicism required by every bride, but transforming it in something modern.

You can find the Franie Gown and all the Bridal Collection 2010 at the Bliss Couture New Flagship Store.

Apr 26, 2010

Bliss Couture Vivien Dress

The Vivien Dress brings Fifties glamour back for the spring season. A delicate and romantic silk dress featuring a ruffle knee-lenght skirt and a innocent bodice. White lace adorn the borders of top and the bottom side of the skirt and, together with the soft plissé and the mini dots print, adds a new lightness to the outfit.

The newest creation of Bliss Couture comes in a colour palette of six pastel shades of peach, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple and pink, and you can find it at the New Flagship Store.

Apr 25, 2010

Bliss Couture Loweie Gown

With the fairytale elegance of this couture ensemble, Bliss Couture embraces the spring's trend for florals giving the new season a welcome freshness.

A posy of floral print in red, pink, purple and yellow on white background or blue and teal on black graces the new Loweie Gown. The colorful full-lenght skirt and the bodice come with a precious lace stole in a matching tone.

The Loweie Gown is now available in six colours at the New Bliss Couture's Flagship Store.

Apr 22, 2010

Bliss Couture New Gift!

A new free gift is available for the Bliss Couture's Dolls!

You just have to be member of the Bliss Couture Update Group to have this amazing mini dress in black that comes with a glittering bodice and a feathers skirt.

The New Gift is available for a limited time, so run to the Bliss Couture's Flagship Store and grab it!

Apr 21, 2010

Bliss Couture Bridal Collection, Sandie Wedding Gown

White precious romance for the Sandie Wedding Gown, one of the enchanting couture ensemble of the Bliss Couture's 2010 Bridal Collection.

The Sandie Gown is made of an elegant lace on the bodice and the long sleeves that end in bell-shapes. A magnificent floor lenght skirt of satin is enriched by a second short double layered one, made of lace and silk.

You can find the Sandie Gown and all the Bridal Collection at the New Bliss Couture Flagship Store.

Apr 20, 2010

Bliss Couture Kirsty Dress

Bliss Couture presents a new cocktail dress with as much frivolity as elegance, and perfect lined tailoring.
A glamorous mini dress that features a glittering chiffon high waist skirt and an asimmetric bodice of micro plissé precious textile. Light reflections, couture details and an enchanting ruffle on one shoulder complete this incredibly chic ensemble.

With a delicious palette that comes from toffee and teal to blue, silver, purple and champagne, the Kirsty Dress provides the Bliss Couture's lovers with plenty of reasons to plan their next run of parties.

The Kirsty Dress is the last release from Bliss Couture and you can admire it at the New Flagship Store.

Apr 19, 2010

Bliss Couture Bora Gown

Style and grace are again the words to name the newest creation of Bliss Couture, the Bora Gown.

An enchanting and seducing pure color with light variations for the bodice draws the feminine shape with a perfect line on the chest and the back. The elaborate skirt, made of infinite sculpted elements completes the visual effect.
Origami folds ruffles and incredible details move in a soft and natural way to make the ensemble even more charming and classy.

The Bora Gown comes in a elegant colour palette of blue, purple, ocean, wine, black and coffee tones and you can find it only at the New Bliss Couture's Flagship Store.

Apr 15, 2010

Bliss Couture Nico Dress

If ever you needed a text-book definition of 'how to do couture' then surely you should look no further than Bliss Couture.

A flaming colorful mini dress, tight silk around the form to wear with a floral chiffon twisted skirt here and a ruche on the top bodice, adding a charming touch of fantasy for evening.

The Nico Dress is now available in a enchanting colour palette of blue, green, orange, yellow, pink and purple at the New Bliss Couture Flagship Store.

Apr 14, 2010

Bliss Couture Merlin Dress

Sky, blue, pink, red, grey and yellow, Amutey DeCuir brought a ravishing colour palette to the signature Bliss Couture silhouette, indulging the flower beauty in the ultimate fashion fantasy.

All the beauty and colour of a spring flower for the new Merlin Dress. The bow mini skirt is entirely made of petals, and so the neckline and the top bodice. A sheer bodice in a matching tone completes this enchanting ensemble, releaving the feminine beauty like a precious blossom.

The Merlin Dress has just been released at Bliss Couture and you can find it at the New Flagship Store.

Apr 12, 2010

Bliss Couture Avine Gown

Another couture piece to die for from Bliss Couture. An instantly recognizable perfect cut for this leg-baring full lenght skirt, pure shapeliness that flows naturally highlighting your movements and the enchanting small and strapless bodice. Long sleeves dress the arms and complete this ephemeral ensemble adding even more charme and sensuality.
A precious embroidery wave over the body draws the low waist, the leg cut, the front of the bodice and the arms band making this new release already a must.

The Avine Gown comes in a luxury palette of violet, pink, blue, sand, purple and black silk shades and you can find it at the New Bliss Couture Flagship Store.

Apr 8, 2010


THE FASHION CIRCUS event brings you a week long shopping event, showcasing exclusive themed designs by some of the top designers in SL. It will be held on a monthly basis at the Le Cirque sim and will feature a different theme and different sets of designers each time :-)



April 10th - April 18th, 2010

(OMFG) I Love It! & Expressions Poses
[ glow ] Studio
Bliss Couture
Indyra's Originals
Opa's Boutique
Sh*t Happens
Sonatta Morales
& MANY MORE!!!!!

Bliss Couture Dawn Dress

It's girly, feminine, fresh and nostalgic. Styled on the girls on the catwalk, it's cute, playful and preppy but beneath it, it's perfect in a working, day and eveningwear context.

Flower motif on the smooth silk of the bodice and the under-knee skirt, there is something rather sweet and prom-like about it.

The Dawn Dress is the new not to be missed release from Bliss Couture, available in several spring tones of pink, cold, purple, green blue at the Bliss Couture Flagship Store.