Jan 28, 2009

Veronica Fur Coat

A very sexy outfit, with flexi dress coat, net stockings, shorts and top. The knee length flexi dress coat is edged with contrasting fur around the neckline and the long, tight fitting sleeves. The dress coat is left open to reveal the top, shorts and stockings below. The top of the outfit comprises of a band of fabric wrapped around the wearers bust and a strapless open lace corset top. The top then flows into the matching shorts, which are in turn connected to the matching thigh high lace stockings with garters.

This sensual ensemble comes in eight beautiful, rich colours. These colours are Black, Ruby, White, Olive, Blue, Purple, Green and Turquoise.

Black * Ruby
White * Olive
Blue * Purple
Green * Turquoise

Vanity Dress

A sweet, silk, strapless, mini dress. the bodice of the dress is gathered at the front and held in place by a self coloured jewel. The thigh length, chiffon, flexible skirt flows beautifully as you move about and would be fantastic for cool romantic evenings on the dance floor.

The dress is available in six colours. the colours are Grass, Black, Blue, Purple, Red and Turquoise.

Jan 20, 2009

Pandora Gown

A classic, off the shoulder,full length drop waist gown. The self-coloured, textured bodice of the gown is tightly fitted, fitting snugly over the hips where it flows into the flexible floor length skirt at the thigh. The top of the bodice is draped in a detachable chiffon shawl in a contrasting colour, giving it that classic finish. The skirt of the gown is split on both sides up to the top of the thigh, seductively revealing the wearers legs as the move and dance.

The gown is available in six jewel colours Blue, Gold, Ruby, Turquoise, Silver and Purple.

Blue * Gold * Ruby

Turquoise * Silver * Purple

Gwen Dress

A lovely strapless, thigh length, self-patterned, mini dress. The top of the dress cuts straight across both the chest and the back. On each of the colourways of the dress there is a contrasting colour band around the waist, synching in the waistline of the dress and creating a stunning hour-glass silhouette. the contrasting band also edges the bottom of the flexible skirt.

The dress comes in six fresh colourways. These are Green, Burgundy, Blue, Grass, Pink and Silver.

Green * Burgundy
Blue * Grass
Pink * Silver

Jan 14, 2009

Christina Gown

An absolutely stunning metallic silk gown. The elegant fitted bodice is comprised of banded silk and is wrapped tightly around the waist and then up over the breasts into a halterneck. The back of the halterneck finishes in a beautiful flexified bow which drapes down to the back of the gown. The dropped waist, full length skirt of the gown is comprised of layers of fabric creating an extremely full skirt, which moves fantastically when you dance.

The gown is available in six colours, these are Blue, Burgundy, Green, Purple, Turquoise and Silver.

Blue * Burgundy.
Green * Purple.
Turquoise * Silver.

Snow Queen Gown

A gown for royalty.

This rich, feminine gown has a sheer bodice which has two revealing open panels on either side of the waist highlighting the hourglass in every figure and comes with a contrasting fur collar. The gown has full length sheer sleeves edged with an elegant fur trim matching the collar trim. The bodice and sleeves are embellished with a snow flake appliqué pattern, on the Pink and Blue gowns this pattern is in white. on the Green gown the appliqué pattern is in Black. The bodice ends in a V-shape waistband when it joins the skirt and has a short, full pleated flounce around the waist covered with a sheer organza and embroidered with snowflakes. The soft flowing skirt echoes the flounce with sheer organza and snowflake embroidery. The two layers of the flowing skirt are faded from white to the gown colour on the Pink and Blue colourways and they are faded from Black on the Green colourway gown. The triple layered cathedral length train is covered with the matching snowflake appliqué. The light organza fabric of the layers of the skirt make this dress simply magical when you both move and dance, perfect for the winter season.

As mentioned the gown comes in three colourways, these are Pink, Blue and Green.


This gown is also available in a completely white colourway. this gown has a silver jewelled snowflake appliqué, which continues onto the V-shape waistband of the skirt. Instead of a fur trim on the full length sleeves, this gown has flared flexi sleeves.

Jan 13, 2009

Scarlette Gown

A Victorian collar and sleeve inspired this distinctive and elegant gown which would not look out of place in 'Gone with the Wind'. The collar of this gown is a soft ruffle which creates a stunning neckline as it lays just above the shoulders and is trimmed in a contrasting color, accentuating the shape. The fitted bodice has a drop waist which gently flows into the full balloon skirt which is widely pleated and has the same matching trim as seen on the collar. The fabric of this beautiful gown is such a rich and luscious textured pattern, that it almost looks like crushed velvet.The cathedral length train is tiered in four lengths with a full bustle and continues the elegant silhouette that this gown produces. Full length matching gloves match the velvet texture of the bodice and complete the ensemble.

The Scarlette gown is available in six rich jewel colours, these are Green, Gold, Black, Purple, Red and Blue.

Green * Gold.
Black * Purple.
Red * Blue.

Peyton Gown

An extremely sensational gown of shimmering satin with an A-Line one shouldered, single strap over the right shoulder. the gown is adorned with an oriental inspired floral pattern appliqué. The entire bodice is trimmed with a contrasting satin ribbon. The appliqué pattern flows down the front of the bodice and crosses to the opposite side flowing all the way down the gown to the knee. The left side of the gown is open with a single satin ribbon wrapping around at the hip. The back of the gown mirrors the front with the appliqué pattern flowing from the shoulder to mid back. A mermaid styled tightly pleated, layered skirt is finished in a light satin ribbon and is embellished with the same matching floral appliqué. Matching full length gloves are trimmed at the top with matching contrasting satin ribbon and the repeat of the same floral appliqué as featured on the body of the gown.

The wonderful colours that this dress is available in are White, Green, Black, Purple, Turquoise and Red.

Green * Black.
Purple * Turquoise.