Jul 31, 2010

Miss Bliss Couture 2011's Second Phase, August

Second Phase, August

Bliss Couture is very excited to announce that second phase (August) of its beauty pageant of the year is starting.

The luxury label is proud and thankful after the amazing experience of the first phase (July), and we've already announced the 4 winners this month at Bosl Reader group :)

But the pageant has just started and if you think you have the numbers to win don't miss this amazing opportunity.
We are looking for a lady with a natural sense of style and an outstanding presence to represent the essence of our brand. We strongly encourage all the fashion and couture lovers, mannequins or new faces, to enter our model search that will crown MISS BLISS COUTURE 2011.

You can send your application from sunday August the 1st to sunday August the 15th as better explained in the Miss Bliss Couture's Announcement.

The 2011 edition aims to provide an incredible chance for our contestants. We would like to invite you to carefully follow the instructions so that your application will be eligible for the Miss Bliss Couture's model search.

All the Wonderful pictures of july entries are shown in the Miss Bliss Couture 2011 Show room :)

Good Luck!

Amutey DeCuir
Bliss Couture CEO
Bliss Couture's Flagship Store
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Bliss Couture's Blog

thank you again to Mimmi Boa, Miss Bliss 2010 for being the amazing model of the announcement and Izzie Rexen for the photo

Jul 29, 2010

Bliss Couture Karat Dress

Is there anything that girls can't do with a Bliss Couture's Dress?

Alexis reveals its signature style at first sight, being at once brightly coloured and super short dress featuring the tight bodice adorned by a floral motif lace on breast and held on the top by a subtle stripe on the neck. The feminine look is enhanced by the beautiful lace miniskirt and the final touch of the thigh highs.

The new Alexis Dress is now available in a sensual palette of purple, teal, black, olive, chocolate and blue shades at the Bliss Couture's flagship store.

Jul 27, 2010

Bliss Couture Chloe Dress

The new look of the season is a colorful set from the couture's house, Bliss Couture. The fashion brand released another glamorous dress created for the ladies that enjoy summer in style and choose the precious materials and details for their casual appeal too.

A floor lenght skirt featuring a cromatic floral motif and a small strapless bra to have the lights on you during the hottest time of the year. The fantasy of the skirt adornes also the lovely ruffles on the botton of the bra, that comes in the same tone of the skirt's borders.

The Chloe Dress is available in a enchanting colour palette of gold, pink, blue, purple and teal and you can find it at e Bliss Couture's flagship store.

Jul 25, 2010

Bliss Couture Gamp Gown

Sophisticated couture again for the luxury house that celebrated its second anniversary last january.

The Gamp Gown comes in the shape of a perfect ensemble in precious jewel shades of pink, black, gold, olive, blue and toffee, created for a lady whom the chicest is of essential importance.

A mermaid skirt like only the famous couture brand can do is enriched by a short train on the back, giving a flawless appeal and elegance. Silk organza and satin with expert touches of lace for a new feminine gown to walk on the redcarpet, completed by a sensual bodice featuring an enchanting cut on the front and subtle staps.

The Gamp Gown is now available with the complete formal collection at the Bliss Couture flagship store

Jul 22, 2010

Bliss Couture Kylie Ruffles Collection

The ultimate Couture treat from Bliss Couture takes us through the hottest season's ruffles trend.

Nothing says summer sensuality more than a ruffle, and Bliss Couture's wardrobe is plenty to get into a flutter about. And the Kylie Collection is the newest playful look made of silk organza origami pleats and bringing a new stylish, modern spin.

A unique couture piece to wear alone on its bodice or to match with your favourite styles, presented in a fabulous eye-catching colour palette of black, gold, red, purple, magenta and blue to ensure the highest appeal.

You can find the Kylie Ruffles with the complete Formal Collection at the Bliss Couture's flagship store.

Jul 20, 2010

Bliss Couture Mimmi and Arlene Gowns

Bliss Couture's Mimmi and Arlene Gowns on the YouTube SL Fusion TV video!

A warm thank you to Editorial Clarity, voice of the "just listen" Breakfast Show on BOSL Radio, and Shae Sixpence for this brilliant work!

Jul 19, 2010

Bliss Couture Uma Gown

Lust beyond belief, absolutely enchanting and still very cool.

Fantastic, incredible charme and details that make up a bodice encrusted with lace, added on silk satin for an even more beautiful intricacy. The strapless top comes with a floor-lenght skirt entirely open on the front and a long train that frames the silhouette.

As wearable as wonderful, the Uma Gown is created to reveal the feminine beauty with style, for a romantic affair or a special evening, and seen up close enable you to appreciate the precious materials and the natural silk flowing in full.

The vintage palette is reminiscent of movie stars appeal, from blue, pink, nude, black and white to teal.

The Uma Gown is now available with the complete formal collection at the Bliss Couture's flagship store.

Jul 17, 2010

Bliss Couture Hair


For Immediate Release

Bliss Couture presents Bliss Couture Hair.
We are delighted to announce that a new collection of hair is out and you can find it at the exclusive shop in the couture's house flagship store.

A wide range of 27 new hair and the ultimate in quality and sophistication from the talented design of Amutey DeCuir.
A perfect combination of fantasy, charme, style, couture is the basis for the new hair concept embraced by the luxury brand that has discovered the secret of eternal beauty and now offers the magical potion to all the fashion lovers.
Discover all the treats with caviar, champagne or chocolat and bordeaux, and the hairstylists selected colour palette.

The first Bliss Couture Hair shop has been created by the fashion house's designer with a contemporary style and an elegant and glamorous layout. Its interiors reflect the exclusive style of the brand with the signature pink colour together with black, inspired to the logo of the new line.

Bliss Couture Hair celebrates the opening of its first hair shop with a special sale of 50% off for three days (starting july 17th and ending tuesday july 20th) on all the hair full packs, only for members. If you are not already a group member there is an auto group inviter at our flagship store.
You will also find an exclusive gift and it will be available for a limited time so run and grab it!

Amutey DeCuir
CEO and Designer of Bliss Couture and Bliss Couture Hair
Bliss Couture Hair

Bliss Couture Hair coming soon

Bliss Couture Hair coming soon...

Mimmi Boa, Miss Bliss Couture 2010 wears the Mandy Hair in caviar and the Monica Gown in black. Kyrie Source, photographer of the two images, choose the Elena Hair in vanille and the Arlene Gown in white.

Jul 15, 2010

Bliss Couture Anatalia Jumpsuit

Bliss Couture has released a new glamorous jumpsuit to dazzle during the parties of the summer season.

A sexy outfit to catch the lights during the hottest time of the year that comes in a fabulous palette of colours, pink, gold, blue, purple, black and forrest. A must have outfit made of a glittering material, feauring a halter neck seducing bodice with a daring opening on the front, just held by subtle stripes. The sculpted neck attachment complete this beautiful look, that you can wear alone or with different pieces for an original mix and match.

The Anatalia Jumpsuit is now available with the complete collection and the Bliss Couture's Flagship Store.