Feb 18, 2009

Serena Gown

A sultry, daring floor length, halterneck gown. The stunning and revealing bodice of the gown consists of a strip of fabric trailing sensually over the bust, leaving windows of skin on the sides accentuating the wearers hourglass figure and in the centre of the chest showing the shape of the bust. As the fabric of the bodice crosses on the breast bone and wraps up and around the neck it flows beautifully into the long flowing silk ties which are pinned together with a simple flower. The bodice flows down and joins the skirt at the hips tightly fitting over the hips where it becomes the floor length, full circle flexible skirt. The fabric of the gown incorporates contrasting and self-coloured flowers, scallop motifs and graphical swirls. The entire gown is edged in a contrasting silk ribbon, defining the shape of the gown beautifully.

This dazzling gown comes in seven wonderfully bright colours, these are Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Rust.
Blue * Gold
Green * Pink
Purple * Red

Sarah Dress

A cute empire line mini dress. The bodice of the dress features a detachable wide ruffle which extends from one side of the bust up over the shoulders to the other side. the flexible skirt fades from a pale tone just under the bust to a darker tone of the dress colour at the hem.

This sweet dress comes in six colours, these are Bronze, Lime, Pink, Sea, Silver and Turquoise.

Bronze * Lime * Pink
Sea * Silver * Turquoise

Feb 16, 2009

Natalie Gown

A floor length, velvet, halterneck, open fronted evening gown. The halter of the bodice is encrusted in contrasting jewels, which fade from a darker tone at the neck to a lighter shade at the bust. As the decorative halter wraps around the back of the neck, it fans out into a encrusted ruffle. This ruffle falls down to the shoulder blades and accentuates the beautiful plunging back of the bodice. The velvet bodice fits tightly over the body and hips where it explodes into the two tiered flexible skirt. The short, thigh length, multi-layered skirt flares at the back to create a stunning silhouette. This shorter layer of the skirt could also be worn on its own to create a fun cocktail dress. The second, longer layer flows beautifully from below the staggered first skirt and is open at the front, perfect for displaying those special evening shoes and impressive dance moves. All the layers of the double skirt are edged in a contrasting colour graphic design matching the adorned halterneck.

The gown is available in six evocative evening colours, these are Black, Ruby, White, Blue, Green and Purple.

Ruby * White
Blue * Green

Feb 14, 2009

Diane Gown

A really dazzling, floor length, cocktail dress. The bodice of the gown has a V-neck which is beautifully adorned with a detailed floral inspired graphic, lace design. This design continues onto the back where it echoes the V-neck of the front bodice. As the bodice flows down to the waist it skims over the bust and narrows as it reaches the waistband. The back of the bodice cuts straight across the back just below the shoulder blades. The front and back of the bodice do not meet at the sides and are instead held together in a diamond pattern edged in the same graphic design which is featured around the neck of the gown. As the pattern reaches its point on the bodice it is concluded in a pearl stud. The same open sided patternation flows down onto the tight fitting skirt of the gown until it flows into the flexible layered skirt. This layered skirt incorporates a cathedral length train and the whole flexible skirt is edged in a wonderful circular design, which also echoes the angled design from the bodice. All of the embellishments on this gown are in a contrasting tone to each of the available gown colours.

This gown is available in six colours, these are Black, Ice Blue, Purple, Red, White and Violet.

Black * Ice Blue * Purple

Red * White * Violet

Feb 9, 2009

Bernice Gown

A floor length, empire line evening gown. the gown is accented with a rich, multi-layered neck ruffle. The strapless bodice, has a self-coloured stripe to the fabric and is adorned with a beautiful, detailed band of an almost celtic swirl pattern just below the bust. The skirt flares out from just under the contrasting patterned band and continues in an A-line shape down to the floor. Each of the six colourways of this gown, fade from the same colour as the bodice to a dark almost black shade at the bottom of the long skirt. This fading of the colour of the skirt continues onto the layered train that accompanies this gown.

The six bright colours that this gown is available in are Blue, Fuchsia, Gold, Purple, Lime and Red.
Blue * Fuchsia
Gold * Purple
Lime * Red

Annabelle Cocktail Dress

A knee length, silk, cocktail dress with a floral inspired skirt. The bodice of the gown wraps around the wearers body under the bust and has two petal like chest pieces covering the bust and gives the bodice an extremely sexy, evening appearance. The bodice flows beautifully down over the hips into the tight, close fitting skirt. The flared, flexi petals join the tight skirt just below the hips and move beautifully with every movement and dance.

This smart sexual cocktail dress comes in six stunning evening colours, these are White, Red, Green, Brown, Blue and Purple.

White * Red * Green
Brown * Blue * Purple

Feb 4, 2009

Lydia Gown

A smart yet sexy victorian inspired full length gown. The high bodice of the gown comes with an elegant, detachable neck frill. The sleeveless bodice comprises of a delicate and detailed lace panel laid a top a matching colour chiffon bodice. The lace of the bodice flows seamlessly down onto the hips and skirt of the gown where it is finished with a highly detailed scalloped edge. The full length skirt of this gown is very sleek sitting close on the hips and flaring gently as it reaches the floor. The skirt also comes complete with a mid length layered train. Both the train and the skirt are edged in a narrow lace band to match the ornate bodice.

This period inspired gown comes in six colours, these are Turquoise, Red, Gold, Blue, Silver/Black and Violet.

Turquoise * Red
Blue * Silver/Black