Apr 13, 2009

Britany Gown

Britany Ad (Champagne)
This princess style gown will definately get the attention you crave. The halter style top has thin straps that let your sexy shoulder show. The plunging neckline adds a sex appeal only found with a Bliss Couture creation. the detail running through the bodice is very elegant and has a regal look to it. As the skirt flairs from your hips into a floor length formal it flows beautifully as you spin and sway to the music while out with that special someone. A perfect gown for any formal event.
Britany Ad (Blue) Britany Ad (Black) Britany Ad (Gold) Britany Ad (Pink)

Carina Dress

Carina Ad (Red)
Here`s a beautiful dress that has an elegance and sophistication like no other. The bodice has a intricate lace overlay over the bustline enhancing it and drawing the focus to the top of the dress. As it smooths down your body, tracing every voluptuous curve, a high belt place right under the bustline adds a nice touch and has a sassy little bow in the back. A pair of sheer full length gloves has been added to complete the look making this a perfect gown for any romantic evening out. It comes in several colors including red, black, fuschia, pink, nude and green.
Carina Ad (Black) Carina Ad (Fuchsia) Carina Ad (Pink) Carina Ad (Nude) Carina Ad (Green)

Leticia Gown

Leticia Poster (Green)
This is definately an eye popping gown. The gorgeous green color lets you know spring is just around the corner and paired with the floral scarf, it`s the perfect gown for a spring fling or a latenight summer rendivou under the stars. A stratigically placed daisy is a flirty and fun addition to the gown and as the waist drops, it flairs into layers of gorgeous satin tiers of fabric. You will be an irresistable delight in this beautiful gown called Leticia.
Leticia Poster (Pink) Leticia Poster (Orange) Leticia Poster (Lime) Leticia Poster (Red) Leticia Poster (Blue)

Donatella Dress

Donatella Ad (Turqouise)
This mostly body hugging gown has a regal feel with it’s silver satin that hugs the body before flairing out into an elegant skirt. As it smoothly shows the curves of womans body while keeping everything beautifully covered, it draws the attention of all who the lucky lady wearing it pass by. The sexy ruffle sleeves add a touch of elegance and give it a romantic feel.
Donatella Ad (Silver) Donatella Ad (Purple) Donatella Ad (Black) Donatella Ad (Pink) Donatella Ad (Blue)

Janine Dress

Janine Ad (Blue)
This dress is so gorgeous and opulant. it`s the perfect gown for an evening out ballroom dancing or maybe attending an opera. The form fitted gown hugs your curves as it smooths down your body. The detail in this dress is very textured and adds a very elegant appeal to this beautiful gown. The skirt flairs at mid thigh and bellows out into a goregous fishtail and moves gracefully while dancing or just entering a room. A pair of full length gloves have been added for the perfect touch.
Janine Ad (Red) Janine Ad (Teal) Janine Ad (Black) Janine Ad (Pink)

Fonda Dress

Fonda Ad (Red)
This elegant dress is perfect for a romantic night out with that special someone. The bodice is strapless showing off those nice shoulders and keeps the look sexy and alluring. The body of the dress hugs your curves until it begins to gracefully flow away from your body. The right side has a slit all the way up giving a peek at your long legs and a pair of full length gloves have been added to give this a very sophisticated appeal.
Fonda Ad (Gold) Fonda Ad (Black) Fonda Ad (Purple) Fonda Ad (Blue) Fonda Ad (Nude)

Lowel Gown

Lowel Ad (Black)
The Lowell in black is simply stunning top to bottom. starting with the bodice trimmed in multi colored sequences across the chest then smoothing down the body until opening up into a full flaired skirt. This gown is the picture of elegance and class. Perfect for a night at the opera or ballroom dancing, the Lowell will make anyone wearing it feel like a movie star. this dress comes in black, pink, gold, turquoise and blue.
Lowel Ad (Pink) Lowel Ad (Gold) Lowel Ad (Turqouise) Lowel Ad (Blue)

Apr 6, 2009

Elizabeth Gown

Elizabeth Ad (Turqouise)
An undeniabley regal gown, the Elizabeth is elegance and class personified. The bodice with a plunging neckline both front and back gives it an added sophisticated sex appeal found only with Bliss Couture. The full skirt is topped with a hip ruffle that matches the arm ruffles and makes this gown fit for any queen. It is available in several blissful colors including....turquoise, gold, purple, black, red and of course...royal blue.
Elizabeth Ad (Gold)Elizabeth Ad (Purple)Elizabeth Ad (Black)Elizabeth Ad (Red)Elizabeth Ad (Royal Blue)

New Elizabeth Gown

Apr 5, 2009

*Bliss Couture* Nonna Dress

Nonna Ad (Silver)
This Adorable dress is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. It`s fun, flirty style could accomodate any semi formal event and you`ll definately be the cebter of attention. With multi layered tiers making up the knee length skirt, it`ll be perfect for dancing the night away as well. It comes in several colors including...silver, purple, lime, gold, fuschia and blue, the perfect colors for spring/summer.
Nonna Ad (Purple)
Nonna Ad (Lime)
Nonna Ad (Gold)
Nonna Ad (Fuchsia)
Nonna Ad (Blue)