May 5, 2012

Bliss Couture Hats. Ella, Mezzo and Natzuka

Bliss Couture Hats has releases three new styles, after the preview and the first five new ones in the past days.

Ella, Mezzo and Natzuka, presented here in a selection of colours, are now available in a glamorous palette of shades, and till 10 options for some styles to match your favourite gown, jacket, dress or simply to add that necessary haute touch to your everyday looks.
Feathers, petals and leaves reinvented with creativity, beside silk satin ruffles as main inspirations for the fashion label's new elegant accessories, all painted with vivid tones.

After Shaleesa, Jade, Beatriz, Mio and Aradia, Ella, Mezzo and Natzuka hats are now out, with the complete collection, at the luxury label's flagship store.

We are glad to remind you that Miss Bliss Couture 2012 is on and you can apply till may 22nd. You can find complete informations here or admire the photos of the entries in our show room.


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