Oct 29, 2012

Special Halloween Edition of the Nayomi, Fang and Anja Gowns

Bliss Couture release 3 more Halloween Edition Gowns!

First we have the Fang Gown.  This has not been released in other colors yet, but was introduced at the Bliss Couture BOSL Fashion Week Event.  This gown is lacy, sassy and glamorous.  Featuring a keyhole bodice and generous glimpse of leg and available in the black and red design.

We now present the Anja Gown.  This is a lovely pumpkiny color.  This one is especially designed for someone special.  It features a flexi skirt, a cut down to there and the rest is up to you!

The Nayomi Mesh Gown took the fashion world by storm when it was originally released.  Here it is now in all its glory, redone for Halloween.



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