Dec 18, 2011

Bliss Couture Holiday Hunt

Holiday Hunt

Press Release

from december 17th 2011 to january 3rd 2012

Gown Sim

Dress Sim

Once upon a time a glam Santa, wearing a devine pink and white fur outfit, went to my atelier while I was in the hair salon thinking at the New Year's Eve look and found a secret cupboard containing hidden trays and drawers filled with incredibly beautiful winter clothes and accessories. He was not able to resist and took his favourite ones, put each of them in a red envelope and left.

Then he decided to come back randomly until january and flying above the Gown and Dress sims the with the many red envelopes and let falling on the ground one of them every day.

Find them in the three sims of the brand from friday december 16 to tuesday january 3 before I will take all of them off after he will add all the red envelopes.

First Hunt Gift today is in Gown Sim.

Enjoy hunting, and Happy Holidays from Bliss Couture :)

Amutey DeCuir &
Bliss Couture Management

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