Dec 10, 2011

Bliss Couture 2011 Holiday Sale 50% off

2011 Holiday Sale

Press Release
december 10th 2011

Over 42.000 members and still young. Born as formal brand known for its elegant gowns, the fashion label reflects soon the eclectic creative talent of its founder and dazzlingly impressive designer.

Already one of the SL top venues for haute creations, Bliss Couture surprisingly launches Bliss Couture Hair, offering essential beauty suggestions to style a bridal, runway, editorial, ballroom or romantic gown. Sculptural hairstyles ideal for a total signature look.

Then was the time for casualwear with Bliss Couture Basic, become a must since its early days for the huge appreciation not only from all the ladies who made the luxurious attire their own in the past years but also from hundreds fashionistas showing the other side of glam seduction, mixing pants, jackets, vintage dresses, tops, bodysuits, mini skirts and adding personal style to the collection.

Bliss Couture Hats completes the beauty range of hair paying a tribute to timeless charm muses and movie stars. The latest unvealing of the Fur Collection, the presentation of a complete line become the season's instant glamour hit, is a great addition to the signature wardrobe, aiming to offer the necessary opulence and excess.
Beside that, Bliss Homme is for sure an important event for the label, with the presentation of the first male pieces.

Bliss Couture announces its annual december sale starting friday 10th and ending wednesday 28th. For the 2011 Holiday Sale the complete Bliss Couture collections (formal, dresses, basic), except the Bliss Fur Collection, Bliss Couture Bridal, the 2011 Christmas Specials, will be available with the 50% off. (All clothing pieces are transferable)

Thank you for another great year and your continued support. All the best for your holidays from Bliss Couture.

Amutey DeCuir &
Bliss Couture Management
main shop:
homme collection:
cocktail dresses:
outlet: Hills/167/189/23

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