Jul 5, 2011

Bliss Couture Sakura Gown

Couture wardrobes are made of dreams and Bliss Couture never let you down. Expect the most beautiful, elegant, feminine inspirations to just be wonderful.

Summer or winter, evening or daylight, formal or basic, classical or avant garde, choose to be perfect. You can recognize the design of an outfit from hundreds and catch the lights simply being the most admired. The latest gown of the fashion house, Sakura, is only the latest confirmation of the signature style that amazing ladies made as their own since three years.

Breathtaking lace top, crossed on the breast and the neck, drawing on the front a diamond and high waist plain satin skirt, full lenght, sensually opened on the side and unveiling your leg while moving. Sakura comes in a devine chromatic palette playing on the contrast of vivid shades of purple, red, champagne and blue with black lace, beside the stunning pearl and the timeless noir.

Sakura is finally available, with the complete formal collection, at the luxury label's flagship store.

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