Apr 2, 2011

Bliss Couture Temperance Gown

Nicely, elegantly, strangely twisted. It’s a fashion successful recipe and one that Amutey DeCuir, designer of the luxury label, manages to make completely different every time. This time it is more so than ever.

Bliss Couture reminds us why we love it so much since three years with its new haute design, Temperance. A flawless gown made of an ensemble of finely pleated ruches on the full lenght skirt and the strapless bodice. Tiers of silk wrap the body playing with asymmetric lines and turning on the waist around a sheer material addition enhancing the sensual but classy appeal.

Temperance, worn here with the Bliss Couture Hair, has been released in a breathtaking selection of the couture's favourite shades: red, black, teal, purple, magenta and blue.

The new gown is now available at the Bliss Couture's flagship store.

You can find all the informations about the 3rd Anniversary's Hunt, the Best Bliss Couture's Design and the other Events in the Bliss Couture's Blog (http://bliss-couture.blogspot.com/).
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