Mar 27, 2011

Bliss Couture Basic 2011 Spring Collection, five looks by Steffy Ghost

Bliss Couture Basic 2011 Spring Collection is finally out.

The luxury label presents 30 new casual designs during the month of its 3rd Anniversary and they are available now at its flagship store's exclusive location.

A special thank you to Steffy Ghost, model and photographer of the Bliss Couture Basic's new looks.

Bliss Couture Basic 2011 Spring Collection will be the theme of the 3rd Anniversary Fashion Show on Saturday, April 9th at 11am, directed by Kay Fairey, Miss Bliss Couture 2011.

You can read about all the informations about the 3rd Anniversary's Hunt, the Best Bliss Couture's Design and the other Events in the Bliss Couture's Blog (
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