Mar 18, 2010

Bliss Couture Tinny Dress

A new dazzling and chic party piece to have the lights on you at every event. The perfect outfit to be charming, feminine, fashion and classy during a cocktail, a busy day of shopping, dance or a romantic date.

The graphic, linear minidress comes with a high waist line smooth skirt made of ruffles that flows naturally at your movements and the beautiful neckline shape of the bodice, that reveals your arms.
A delicate ton sur tone motif on the textile enhance the sex appeal feeling.

The Tinny Dress is a the last release of Amutey DeCuir and a must have in all the colours of the stunning palette in the shades of midnight, marine, gold, wine, olive and black.
You can admire it now only at Bliss Couture.

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