Feb 16, 2009

Natalie Gown

A floor length, velvet, halterneck, open fronted evening gown. The halter of the bodice is encrusted in contrasting jewels, which fade from a darker tone at the neck to a lighter shade at the bust. As the decorative halter wraps around the back of the neck, it fans out into a encrusted ruffle. This ruffle falls down to the shoulder blades and accentuates the beautiful plunging back of the bodice. The velvet bodice fits tightly over the body and hips where it explodes into the two tiered flexible skirt. The short, thigh length, multi-layered skirt flares at the back to create a stunning silhouette. This shorter layer of the skirt could also be worn on its own to create a fun cocktail dress. The second, longer layer flows beautifully from below the staggered first skirt and is open at the front, perfect for displaying those special evening shoes and impressive dance moves. All the layers of the double skirt are edged in a contrasting colour graphic design matching the adorned halterneck.

The gown is available in six evocative evening colours, these are Black, Ruby, White, Blue, Green and Purple.

Ruby * White
Blue * Green

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