Feb 14, 2009

Diane Gown

A really dazzling, floor length, cocktail dress. The bodice of the gown has a V-neck which is beautifully adorned with a detailed floral inspired graphic, lace design. This design continues onto the back where it echoes the V-neck of the front bodice. As the bodice flows down to the waist it skims over the bust and narrows as it reaches the waistband. The back of the bodice cuts straight across the back just below the shoulder blades. The front and back of the bodice do not meet at the sides and are instead held together in a diamond pattern edged in the same graphic design which is featured around the neck of the gown. As the pattern reaches its point on the bodice it is concluded in a pearl stud. The same open sided patternation flows down onto the tight fitting skirt of the gown until it flows into the flexible layered skirt. This layered skirt incorporates a cathedral length train and the whole flexible skirt is edged in a wonderful circular design, which also echoes the angled design from the bodice. All of the embellishments on this gown are in a contrasting tone to each of the available gown colours.

This gown is available in six colours, these are Black, Ice Blue, Purple, Red, White and Violet.

Black * Ice Blue * Purple

Red * White * Violet

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