Jan 7, 2009

Gracie Gown

A dazzling see through, chiffon, strapless gown with sweetheart bodice embroidered with an ornate floral inspired pattern in white. The stunning open back makes a statement with a triple set of crossed satin ribbons, the top pair accented with a bow matching the skirt with matching embroidery. The long flowing double flexi balloon skirt is pleated and ends with a matching double satin ribbon hem. The bustled cathedral length train is gathered to create a full balloon skirt finished beautifully in a matching double satin ribbon and embroidered with the matching ornate white pattern. Full length gloves match the sheer bodice and are also embroidered.

This stunning gown comes in a fantastic 6 colours red, purple, blue, silver, green and gold.

Purple * Blue
Green * Gold

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