Dec 25, 2008

Gizelle Gown

A spectacular and bold gown with a halter bodice of shimmering satin and banded waist dropping to the hip. The gown has a large slit up either side revealing your legs as you move. The beautiful chiffon skirt is heavily pleated so that it is opaque, the open front has a single tightly pleated and centered fabric skirt that drops to the floor. The halter ribbons meet at the neck leaving the back exposed. The triple layered full back skirt is tightly pleated with each double layer forming distinct stops down the length of the skirt. The layers of chiffon in the skirt build on the base colour of the gown giving it hues of toning colours to each layer. Matching mid length gloves compliment this ensemble.

The gown comes in a fantastic six colours as shown below turquoise, silver, blue, pink, gold and purple.

Turquoise * Silver

Blue * Pink

Gold * Purple

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