Aug 18, 2013

Bliss Couture Closing Hunt GIft #5

 I am having a closing sale hunt, Will put out all the gifts from the previous years for u dolls :)
 Bliss Couture will be close permanently after the sale & hunt

Gift #5

taxi :


Nathaly said...

tres jolie!!

The Beader said...

I really hate to see you close your doors hun I understand that your RL has to come first... would you be willing to sell your designs to another creator?... or go strictly marketplace with all your dresses / designs this way people can continue to enjoy them for all time? And you can still bring in some income even if its just a little a month from being just online. And you can even still have sales and such once a month on an item picked on your store use it as a promo "gift" or promo price or something to get more sales. This way you can still get some sort of extra income over the course of a few months. I would love to help keep your creations alive they are absolutely gorgeous and I would hate to see such good clothing go to waste.