Jun 29, 2013

Miss Virtual World Dana Mesh Mermaid Gown (Available in 4 sizes)


Formal Gowns - All 289L or Under
Bliss Couture Formal Collection

Mesh - 199L or Under
Bliss Mesh

 Fur - 189L or Under
Bliss Couture Fur Collection

 Homme 199L or Under
Bliss Couture Homme!

Hat - 89L or Under 

Bliss Couture Hats

Wedding Gowns - All 389L or Under
Bliss Couture Bridal

Hair - 89L or Under 
Bliss Couture Hair

Basics - 88L or Under

Hello Dolls,

Bliss Couture Closing sale, everything will be from 60-90% Off.

Thank you for all your kind words, wishes, blessings and love, Thank you for appreciating my art and me. I hope you are all having fun shopping or hunting :)

I still have a couple of things I still havent put out for sale yet, I will release them at sale price thru out the closing sale. And i will have a closing sale hunt, Will put out all the gifts from the previous years for u dolls :) Bliss Couture will be close permanently after the sale.

Miss Virtual World Dana Mesh Mermaid Gown  is one of the ones :)

 Direct tp to the dress : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gown/120/214/353

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