Jun 19, 2013

Bliss Couture Free Gown for all Dolls

Hello Dolls,

it's been a really wonderful 5 years with Bliss Couture, I've met a lot of wonderful souls along the way, some became my family here, some became rl friends. It breaks my heart saying this but I've decided it's time to close Bliss Couture.

Secondlife has been more than a game to me, Bliss Couture became my therapy. I still remember the days that I woke up all excited feel like the luckliest girls in the world who can play barbie doll game everyday. to create new clothes and be in the world full of wonderful creations and creativity. There are some big changes in my life that I'm no longer able to run this business or create anything.

Thank you for all of my wonderful 50,000 Bliss Dolls who stay with me, who gives me love and support, who appreciate my art and who is always there for me. All your words and love means the world to me.

When I first landed in secondlife in 2009, it felt really magical, almost like being  in a disney movie. The gratitude I have for you guys are beyond words. I hope Bliss Couture did bring you happiness and joy the past 5 years and I hope there will be more to come in your life.

I still have a couple of things I still havent put out for sale yet, I will release them at sale price thru out the closing sale. And i will have a closing sale hunt, Will put out all the gifts from the previous years for u dolls :) Bliss Couture will be close permanently after the sale.

Thank you for making my dream came true. you dolls brought me more bliss than you can imagine.

Thank you Thank You Thank you!!!!!

I've recieved so much love and blessings the past 2 days, I cant explain in words how thankful I am for each and everyone of you dolls. I don't have much left to offer but I just made this new gown from my heart. Hope it will bring you joy and happiness like all of you have brought me. As tacky as it may sound, this gown is my blessing towards you guys. I will miss you all and creating new items weekly very much!!

Amutey Decuir

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