Dec 27, 2012

The Bliss Couture Holiday Hunt! Gift #6

Its finally here!  The Bliss Couture Holiday Hunt!  Bliss's own Santa, creator Amutey DeCuir, will be setting out 10 special envelopes for all Bliss Couture Dolls!  Under the announcement is a picture of the very first hunt gift!

These will be dropped on random days, so be sure to check back and collect them all!

Hunt Gift Number 6 is out now!  These adorable little gloves called Smitten Mittens, match the Bright Pink Poncho released earlier.  These would be so cute with so many of the Bliss Basic Collection, still 50% off.

 Hunt Gift #5 is out!  It's a lovely fur stole.  Happy Hunting!

Gift #4 Holiday Scarf

First hunt gift!



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