Dec 22, 2012

Bliss Couture Holiday 2012 Hat Collection Part 4

Bliss Couture has filled the main entrance with a new set of Hats.  These special items are going to add that finishing touch to every outfit!  This post completes the Line of Holiday 2012 Hats!

The Casja Hat goes so well with all the holiday collection!

The Snowflake Lace Hat is a feminine touch for winter!

This fun hat is called the Bozzette.  What a wonderful way to highlight the poinsettia flower!


 This large hat made of a a flower decorated in holiday theme is called the Jonie.  This one is so carefully put just right across the eyes. 

 Previous Posts:

Featured today is the Anessa Hat.  This little fascinator features a poinsettia flower with large cut out petals sitting at that "just so" angle across your eye.



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