Sep 25, 2012

Bliss Couture Fashion Week Kickoff Photos and YouTube Video Link

As many of you know Bliss Couture was part of the show that kicked off BOSL Fashion Week.  This amazing show was by invitation only.  We wish that every single one of our treasured members had been able to attend.

Today we are posting photo's from the show itself of the Bliss Couture Oriental Collection Releases.  I am also posting a link to the YouTube site that features the highlights of the show which included VoguE's amazing designs as well.  The old train set was amazing, as well as the entire show.  It is a not be missed part of SL Fashion.

Miss Bliss Photogenic Draajke Dailey

Here is the link to the Bliss Couture, VoguE and BOSL YouTube video.
BOSL Fashion Week 2012 Vogue & Bliss Couture



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