Jul 8, 2012

Bliss Couture 46000 Members Appreciation Sale

Members Appreciation Sale and Hunt

Press Release, july 6th 2012

50% Off sale: from saturday july 7th to sunday july 22nd
hunt: from sunday july 8th to sunday august 5th

Bliss Couture summer will be dazzling. The luxury label celebrating this year its 4th Anniversary loves the hot season and makes it special adding glamour, excitement and beauty.

The constant, strong, loyal, incredible support of our members, close to fifthy thousands, including both our inworld group and sub-o-matic, is something we would have never expected four years ago and that makes us proud and thankful. The continued appreciation of our customers makes every new collection a success. The talent of so many bloggers reinvents our design with personal style. 

This year we presented our first mesh line, a small revolution made of formal inspirations. After the basic, hair, hat, fur, ruffles and homme collections, the new born has been welcomed with great interest and enthusiasm. Beside that, Miss Bliss Couture 2012 reached its third edition. Our model search of the year has started last april, and in the past months we had the pleasure to admire so many stunning mannequins entering and showing creativity and professionalism.

Bliss Couture 46,000 Members Appreciation Sale starts saturday july 7th and ends sunday july 22nd. All Gowns, Dresses, Hair and Basic will be on 50% Off Sale (except the Bridal, Fur Collection and the Eve Gown)
Tomorrow also our summer hunt will start and will be on for four weeks (july 8th to august 5th). Many exclusive items will be hidden in our Flagship Store sim. The hunt items, created only for this event and no more available after that, will be the essentials for a truly chic summer and totally free.

On the end of July we will crown Miss Bliss Couture 2012. Only one of the 28 enchanting finalists will be the face of the brand and will be awarded with wonderful prizes from us and our sponsors.

The Bliss Celebrities series continues, and the next guests promise to unveal all their secrets.

All the communication about the events will be given in our inworld group, sub-o-matic and blog.

Amutey DeCuir
and Bliss Couture's Management Team


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