May 6, 2012

Bliss Couture Four Year Anniversary

Four Year Anniversary

Press Release, may 6th 2012

Bliss Couture Flagship Store

There is a dreamy athmosphere at Bliss Couture for the celebrations of the FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the brand.

An ambitious event and a challenge for the fashion label founded by Amutey DeCuir and loved by its over 45000 members. And despite the impressive milestone, the designer and CEO of the luxury house isn't overwhelmed by her achievements and finds more exciting to look forward to the next bit.

The first creations released in spring 2008, following a real passion for creativity, as the founder personal artistic culture's expression, turned in one of the SL top fashion destinations. Born as formal brand and known for its gowns worn by the most beautiful women on the grid, the label offers now, beside its core collection of haute designs, cocktail dresses, basic, hair, hats and the most recent fur and homme lines. All of them featured in the most interesting magazines, favourite by flawless models and chic ladies, presented in all the most successful events and shows, appreciated by thousands customers since their first appearing.

Bliss Couture celebrates its  FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY inviting some of its most loyal fans to talk about why they love the brand, and since so long. They will share their stories about the signature style of the past years during an interview, that will be posted in our blog, with their personal selection of famous looks, parties, editorial photos and more. BLISS CELEBRITIES starts in may with an outstanding model, and will be on till spring 2013. Are you curious to know who will walk on the Bliss red carpet?

The fashion label will unveal its mesh Haute Collection during a fashion show on may the 13th 2012 at 11am, held at the brand's flagship store and directed by Kay Fairey, Miss Bliss Couture 2011. A preview of the new designs will be available in our main shop from may 11th.

All the informations about the 4 Year Anniversary, Bliss Celebrities, the new Mesh Collection and the Fashion Show will be announced in the Bliss Couture inworld group, sub-o-matic and blog.

Amutey DeCuir
and Bliss Couture's Management Team


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