Dec 5, 2011

Bliss Couture 2011 Christmas Specials. Zhora and Ruffles Coat

The luxury house as every year is releasing some of its most appreciated designs in a special Christmas Edition. And again Amutey DeCuir surprises all of us with her extraordinary talent.

After Annarita and Petuna Gowns, the Bliss Couture's first two 2011 Christmas Edition, its now the time of the loved fur, with the Zhora and Ruffles Coats. The luxurious haute pieces are now out in a enchanting red and white version, ideal to be worn during your december events but also to collect in your wardrobe as they will be available only until the end of 2011.

You can find the 2011 Christmas Zhora and Ruffles Coats, together with the new gift (members exclusive) and the other special and limited editions at the main hall of the Bliss Couture's flagship store.

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