Oct 3, 2011

Bliss Couture Fur Collection. Zhora, NyuNyu and Watanabe

Bliss Couture released 3 new models of its new Fur Collection: the NyuNyu Jacket, the Watanabe Wrap and the Zhora Coat are now available in a wide range of colours at the exclusive location on the first floor of the fashion house's flagship store.

The fur opulent sense of luxury inspired the signature new design for the Fall season, and more looks will be released soon aiming to offer a complete wardrobe full of jackets, tops, stoles, vests, coats to match with short pants, jeans, leggins and bodices accordingly to your day moods and in a wide range of tones.
Perfect casual look and breathtaking evening choice, to wear with long elephant-line denim pants or a embroidered material capri, or even with a see-through body.


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