Sep 28, 2011

Bliss Couture's Zepher Gown

Bliss Couture released Zepher, a new gown in a enchanting palette of jewels shades: emerald, red, pink, blue, pearl and noir.

The label's signature feminine elegance was given a modern twist, mixed with the usual timeless attire of all the creations of its talented designer, Amutey DeCuir.
A voluptuous and sensual gown made of precious silk, that reveal the feminine beauty with a sinuous cut on the top, from the neckline to the navel, highlighted by devorè lace cropped on the front adding even more glamour and charme. The tight bodice, with long lace sleeves, comes with a full lenght skirt that flows naturally at your movements showing your leg, held on the waist only by delicate sculpted flowers.

Zepher, worn here by Lolalove Lecker, is a must have in all its six colours and you can find it, with the complete formal collection, at the luxury label's flagship store.

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