Sep 9, 2011

Bliss Couture Gatejita Dress

Couture mood in your everyday life, wearing a stunning gown or an elegant dress.
The series of Bliss Couture's chic sculpted cocktail designs continues with Gatejita, just released in six devine shades of red, blue, teal, magenta and the timeless black and white.

Gatejita features a short asymmetric top in black satin with a cascade of rushes falling from one shoulder, and a short bubble skirt made of a double layer of silk and black lace. Tiny details make of this elegant minidress a homage to vintage allure, like the different lenght of the see-through material skirt and the matching gloves.

Gatejita, worn here by Lolalove Lecker who chooses to model the new look with her favourite Bliss Couture Hair styles, is now available at the fashion brand's flagship store.

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