Sep 24, 2011

Bliss Couture Adanaya Gown

Iconic styling in a melange of influences which make for a seductive look in this haute piece with something more.

Bliss Couture released Adanaya, a dream gown to start the fall season with elegance. There are details on every level of this creation and it is all coordinated with such care. Subtle and rounded stripes of lace as only garment on the bodice. The full lenght skirt with the breathtaking textures giving formality to the look, with its movie star wide flow on the bottom and low waist cut detail.

Adanaya, worn here by LolaLove Lecker, Bliss Couture Model, is finally out in colour palette of pure shades of teal, blue, red, black, magenta and gold. You can find it, with the complete formal collection, at the fashion house's flagship store.

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