Jul 30, 2011

Bliss Couture's Members Appreciation Sale 50% Off

Bliss Couture

sale 50% off: from Friday July 29th to Sunday August 14th
summer hunt: from Sunday July 31st to Sunday August 26th

Summer 2011 is going to be very hot at BLISS COUTURE. The luxury label celebrating this year its third anniversary of business announces a Members Appreciation Sale with a exceptional promotion on the complete formal collection.

BLISS COUTURE keeps growing with its over thirty-seven thousands members, if we calculate both the fifteen thousands of the in-world group and the more than twenty-two thousands subscribers. The fashion house, originally known only for its formal design, created in the past year Bliss Couture Hair and Bliss Couture Basic, becoming on of the top SL destinations for gowns, bridals, casualwear and hairstyles and now presents its collections on three sims:
_Gown hosting the formal, bridal, basic and hair lines
_Dress, hosting the cocktail dresses line
_Hollywood Hills, original location of the brand and now hosting its outlet.
This incredible result is due not only to the endless creativity of Amutey DeCuir, designer and owner of the couture label, but also to the constant support of our customers and the increasing enthusiasm of all the ladies that choose BLISS COUTURE's style as their own.
An affection that makes us thankful and proud and something that we'd like to reward with a special sale with 50% off on all the formal gowns and dresses at the Gown Sim, with the only exceptions of the Bridal Collection and the Eve Gown.

The Members Appreciation Sale begins on Friday July 29th, and ends on Sunday August 14th and it's only at the BLISS COUTURE's flagship store (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gown/129/193/352).

In order to make the holiday time even more enjoyable on Sunday July 31st the Summer Hunt will start and it will be on for one month, until Sunday August 26th. Many exclusive free items will be hidden in all the three sims of the brand and new surprises will be added randomly and announced in our group, subscriber and blog.

Set your alarm clock tomorrow morning as the BLISS COUTURE's hot summer is starting with a great chance to buy to an incredible price the must-have looks of the season and to have unique signature designs for free.

Thank you to all our members for making this possible, and we hope you will enjoy this summer as we do.

Bliss Couture Management

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