Mar 4, 2011

Bliss Couture Corinne Dress

A genious mix of day and night, oriental beauty and haute fashion, sex appeal and natural elegance, Corinne.

The chichest spring preview is from Bliss Couture, the luxury label inspired by the traditional asian style that turns into must have fashion designs. Corinne is the new look, after the Qipao, Tian and many others, created for a glamorous cocktail event, a special evening of just to be beautiful during the day.
Corinne comes with a double top, made of a long stripe creating a deep cut on the front and the back, on the breast band in a contrasting tone, and a flawless asymmetrical skirt revealing your leg. The silk material and the delicate oriental print makes Corinne an unresistible dress, that you can have in a fabulous palette of teal, gold, pink, nude, pearl and pale gold shades.

Corinne is now available, with the complete collection, in the cocktail room of the Bliss Couture's flagship store.

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Medusa's Cave said...

I can't find this dress at the store can someone please send a notecared to Darcie55 Kraus with the LM? Thank you :)