Jan 3, 2011

Bliss Couture Hair, 10 New Styles!

The New Year is often a chance to refresh your look.

Bliss Couture Hair has just released 10 new models, two of them have been worn already by Cieleste and EmeraldEyes, Miss Taiwan and Miss UK, during the final event of MVW 2011.

10 new hairstyles with the signature design of one of the most famous couture label, perfect to wear with formal gowns and the new Bliss Couture Basic, the casual collection.

Yanny, Yukiho, Cieleste, Verbena, Uneeque, Terrilyn, Deborah, Amanda, Brandy and Weena are the new suggestions from the luxury house to be always at the top during the 2011.

You can find them, with the complete Bliss Couture Hair collection here.

Bliss Couture Flagship Store
Bliss Couture Basic
Bliss Couture Hair
Bliss Couture Discount Outlet
Bliss Couture Gallery

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