Jan 1, 2011

Bliss Couture Annual Holiday Sale 50% off Last Day

Today its the last day of the Bliss Couture's Annual Holiday Sale and your chance to buy the most famous gowns of the year with a 50% off.

The complete collection available at the flagship store, with the only exception of hair, the Eve Gown and the bridals is on sale for an incredible price. All the items are also transferable, so you can choose them for your best signature gift.

This year the special sale has been really loved by our customers and we extended it of 3 days to allow them to admire our collection with no lag, as the sim has been quite crowded in the past weeks. The home of the couture label is also hosting a lovely hunt with 10 fantastic presents hidden in white bunnies (including clothing, accessories, hair, eyelashes and make up tattoos) and it will be on until jan 4th.

We are also glad to remind you the group gift, that you can have just wearing your doll tag, available just for a few more days. And most of all, there only some pieces left of the MVW Cieleste Gown Limited Edition, an enchanting release of one of the most luxurious gowns of the year presented in the signature colour in only 18 copies. Will you be one of the lucky ladies to wear one?

Happy New Year from Bliss Couture!

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