Dec 27, 2010

Bliss Couture's New Years Eve Members Gift

Bliss Couture would like to wish the very best for the new year with a special gift dedicated to its marvellous dolls.

A sensual and sohisticated purple robe to spend your New Years Eve with the same charme of the past year and wearing the special design of your favourite brand. You just have to be in our update group and wear your doll tag to get yours.

Join the Bliss Couture group or subscriber, if you are not a member yet. You can find a board at the landing point of the main shop, that will allow you to be the first one to be informed about new releases, limited editions, promotions, special events and exclusive gifts.

Remember that what you will do during the first day of the new year you will do during all the year, so choose the best, and grab your gift as it will be on only for a limited time, here!

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