Dec 3, 2010

Bliss Couture's Bridal Collection, Anja

The secret to shine during the day of the 'I'll be his and he'll be mine' is the same that makes you feel confident of more than just being glamorous in many other times of your life.

Make Bliss Couture your own style.

The luxury label presents a new dream gown of its famous Bridal Collection, Anja. One of the most sensual creations of the fashion house and already a must not only in the six versions presented in the fall/winter most important events of the year and the stunning limited editions sold out in just a few hours, is now also a breathtaking wedding gown.

You can admire it in the Bridal Room of the flagship store and also try it to feel yours.

A warm thank you to Di Hoorenbeek for being the enchanting model and photographer of the picture.

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