Dec 20, 2010

Bliss Couture 10000 members Xmas Gown

Bliss Couture celebrates its 10000 members of the inworld group, and would like to thank all its dolls for an unforgettable year.

A special gown har been released with a 80% off only for our members and you can admire it at the main hall of the luxury house's flagship store.

Bliss Couture started this incredible year with the unforgettable final event of Miss Bliss Couture 2010 held last january, with some of the most beautiful women in sl wearing the designs of the luxury brand on the Patch Thibaud Auditorium's stage. In february we celebrated Valentine's with a double fashion show all in pink, the brand colour.
March has been the month of our Two Years Anniversary, honoured with the new flagship store at our Gown sim, remodelled with a new fashion and contemporary style, and the presentation on the runway garden of the Bridal Gowns white beauty beside a special selection of our most famous couture pieces.
Summer has been very hot on the Bliss Couture's side with the beginning of our Model Search of the year, that selected 26 enchanting finalists in the past five months. But July has been also the month of the Bliss Couture Hair launch, an exciting concept of sculptural hairstyles very appreciated by our dolls since the first hours of the exclusive saloon's creation of the at the upper level of our main.
In September Bliss Couture presented its autumn-winter 2011 inspirations showing the most desirable proof of the designer's talent during an intense calendar of events.

In december we launched Bliss Couture Basic, during another show produced by our loved Mimmi Boa, Miss Bliss Couture 2010. Another small dream coming true, after the hair line, due to the enthusiasm and the endless creative talent of the founder and designer of the brand, Amutey DeCuir. Signature design for your everyday hours, in a wide range of 35 casual pieces.

Thank you to all our members for making this possible.

Bliss Couture Flagship Store
Bliss Couture Basic
Bliss Couture Hair
Bliss Couture Discount Outlet
Bliss Couture Gallery

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