Nov 23, 2010

Bliss Couture Octavia Gown

From the flirtatious to the fantastic, the brand new Octavia Gown embodies everything a royal fantasy gown should be.

No princess, or Queen, for that matter, should be without this daringly sexy a two-piece in sheer black lace bodice and skirt ensemble from Bliss Couture. The top is a strapless bandeau-style bit of gathered lace, cleverly layered to both provoke and obscure. The midriff is bare to all eyes, as the skirt sits low on the hips with a band of very sheer lace before descending into a two-tier floor-length extravaganza of black lace. The top layer is lined with an elegant black silk for modesty, while the longer under layer is sheer, revealing the legs from mid-thigh down. Those delicious ruffled satin and lace gloves are included as well.

The Octavia Gown, worn here with the enchanting new hair styles from the luxury brand, has been released in a breathtaking colours palette of the timeless black and white, but also in the amazing blue, gold, purple and red. You can admire the new gown and the complete collection at the Bliss Couture's flagship store.

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