Oct 1, 2010

Bliss Couture Phoenix Dress

Charme, seduction and high style are the keywords for the latest release of Bliss Couture, the Phoenix Dress.

This cocktail length and fully ruched form fitting dress is the epitome of grace and beauty and it is simple but yet rich in detail. The Phoenix's diagonally cut neckline, held by one spaghetti strap, is in concert with the asymmetrical shoulder design, so as the amazing skirt, revealing your leg.

Softy flounced prim details complete the feminine look. The precious plain colour of silk, tight on the bodice and waist and smooth on the bottom of the skirt, is framed by a black lace border on the top and the side, creating an interesting bicromatic effect.

The Phoenix Dress comes in a enchanting colour palette of gold, pink, purple, black, red and teal shades and you can find it at the Bliss Couture's flagship store.

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