Oct 9, 2010

New Bliss Couture Hair. Edith, Cecilia and Tayko

Bliss Couture Hair has released ten enchanting new styles and Dahlia Joubert, top model of the luxury house, picked some of her favourites: Edith, Cecilia and Tayko.

Thank you to the amazing mannequin for presenting the new hairstyles with her charme, elegance and personal style. You can find the complete Bliss Couture Hair range at the label's flagship shore.

Photography by Queen Watanabe

Bliss Couture Hair
Bliss Couture Flagship Store
Bliss Couture Gallery

Dahlia Joubert wears the Edith Hair in Caviar and the Colin Dress in Purple (picture above)

Dahlia Joubert models the Cecilia Hair in Chianti and the Paco Dress in Gold

Dahlia Joubert choose the Tayko Hair in Vanille (soon to be released) and the Hiliary Gown in Noir

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