Sep 23, 2010

Bliss Couture Denyse Dress

Bliss Couture's latest look softens up with natural beauty and timeless charme of the emperor line.

The Denyse Dress is the new enchanting creation from the luxury label, made for a cocktail party or to wear during a day out, alone or under your favourite jacket or stole for a more formal accent. A refined palette of black and five delicate pastel tones of silk, main material of the small strapless corset and the double layered skirt, made of a under-knee sheer part and a shorter one above. Borders of a precious white lace draw the bottom side of the skirt and the high waist line, and also cover the bodice adding an elegant effect with the coloured background.

The Denyse Dress, worn in the pictures with the Adrina, Christine, Janet, Caroline and Carmen Bliss Couture Hair, is available with the complete collection at the fashion house's flagship store.

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