Aug 19, 2010

Bliss Couture Cricket Dress

The timeless allure of lace is the main theme for the new cocktail dress released by Bliss Couture.

A chic party look perfect to wear alone or to match with your favourite jacket or stole, or maybe with a glamorous hat, the Cricket Dress is an enchanting and romantic creation entirely made of the most seducing couture's material, the lace that adornes both the middle lenght skirt and the strapless bodice. A beautiful and elegant combination of large vertical stripes on the full lenght with a delicate border on the top and a small bow in the middle, completed by a neck subtle band.

The Cricket Dress, whose name is a homage to the Bliss Couture's Live Model Cricket Palianta, comes in six amazing options like pink, black & white, blue, teal and black and you can find it in the cocktail room of the couture house's flagship store.