Jul 17, 2010

Bliss Couture Hair


For Immediate Release

Bliss Couture presents Bliss Couture Hair.
We are delighted to announce that a new collection of hair is out and you can find it at the exclusive shop in the couture's house flagship store.

A wide range of 27 new hair and the ultimate in quality and sophistication from the talented design of Amutey DeCuir.
A perfect combination of fantasy, charme, style, couture is the basis for the new hair concept embraced by the luxury brand that has discovered the secret of eternal beauty and now offers the magical potion to all the fashion lovers.
Discover all the treats with caviar, champagne or chocolat and bordeaux, and the hairstylists selected colour palette.

The first Bliss Couture Hair shop has been created by the fashion house's designer with a contemporary style and an elegant and glamorous layout. Its interiors reflect the exclusive style of the brand with the signature pink colour together with black, inspired to the logo of the new line.

Bliss Couture Hair celebrates the opening of its first hair shop with a special sale of 50% off for three days (starting july 17th and ending tuesday july 20th) on all the hair full packs, only for members. If you are not already a group member there is an auto group inviter at our flagship store.
You will also find an exclusive gift and it will be available for a limited time so run and grab it!

Amutey DeCuir
CEO and Designer of Bliss Couture and Bliss Couture Hair
Bliss Couture Hair

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