Jun 12, 2010

A Reply to a Non-Bliss Doll :))

Bliss Couture celebrated its third anniversary a few months ago. Beside that Miss Amutey DeCuir's design creates more than ten new releases every month.
The creativity of the couture house allows the SL fashion brand to have over twentythree thousands members, if we calculate both the in-world group and subscriber, and in the last year the Miss Bliss Couture beauty pageant and recently the Doll of the Month members appreciation program made us all more than happy for all the affection and enthusiasm and huge number of entrants.

Bliss Couture is also on XStreet and yesterday we received a complain from Miss A. Snowpaw about the Eve Gown.
She wrote the same comment on the discussion of several versions of the gown (snow, purple, gold, red, apple greeb, blue, holiday edition) but despite her kind attemp to explain her issue we are still not sure to really understand.

You can find her lines (the same text under every item) in the photos or here (https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=discussions&ItemID=1961788).

We would like to try to answer:

1_The Eve Gown is one of the Bliss Couture's most successful creations. Since it has been released, about 2 years ago, more than 5000 items has been sold and about 1400 more have been given out as a gift for the Members Appreciation Program. We would like to remind also that the Eve Gown has never been on sale to a reduced price.

2_Miss A. Snowpaw never purchased any of the several versions of the gown that she commented. The Eve Gown is also no mod/no copy except the free version. We would like to invite her to send us a copy of the transaction history as we cant find it.

3_Miss A. Snowpaw never contacted the Bliss Couture's General Manager, Miss Caymon Zhora, also in charge for the Customer Service or any other members of the Managment Team.
Caymon is a fundamental person for the brand since the early beginnings and a great manager that we are proud and lucky to have with us. We are sure that she would have been more than happy to help our customer if she had the chance to do that.

We are sincerely sorry for not being able to satisfy Miss A. Snowpaw and we cordially invite her to help us to better understand her problem and read about the complete line of the Eve Gown both on XStreet, Bliss Couture's blog and flickr where she will find many others that she didnt see yet .

Best Regards
Bliss Couture's Managment Team


The Eve Gown, celebrating its second anniversary

The Eve Gown in white

The Eve Gown in dark red

The Eve Gown in blue

The Eve Gown in rust


Brickhouse Frog said...

I own several of your gowns, and never once had any problems with any of them! It's a shame one person gets this much publicity when you obviously have thousands of satisfied customers, keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

whats this 'non-bliss doll' !
send report amu!!! :(((