Apr 28, 2010

Bliss Couture Franie Wedding Gown

The Franie Wedding Gown is a dazzling piece of elegance: a white pure silk bodice with straps is tightened around the waist and ends on the hips, where a mermaid skirt starts, widening at the bottom, where a triumph of silk accompanies the gentle moves of the bride, until the embroideried / semitransparent borders that make this outfit one of a kind.
You can choose to wear the veil, simple and elegant as it is, or a headpiece, a delicious white silk flower that accessorizes the outfit magnificently.
It can also be matched with some back shoulder pieces, in the same fabric of the veil, not to lose the classicism required by every bride, but transforming it in something modern.

You can find the Franie Gown and all the Bridal Collection 2010 at the Bliss Couture New Flagship Store.

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